Each flag has its own hardware. Save money and buy two sets.


Motorcycle Flagpole Mount and American Flag - 7" x 10" Premium Double Sided USA Flag - Stainless 14" Flag Pole Fixed Mount for 1/2" Tubular Luggage Racks.

ADJUSTABLE MOUNTING - This mount fits any 1/2" (13mm) round bar commonly found on the tour pack luggage rack, or any rack that is smaller than 1/2" with some rubber tapes. We also provides a free M8 (8mm) mounting bolt for customized installation on your bike.

Flags are Made of 100% Polyester. Double-sided, Double stitched, Bright and Vivid and processed for UV fade resistance. Flagpole is made of solid chrome steel, 100% RUST-FREE! They are built to withstand toughest weather on the highway!

 Items include: (1) ONE 7" x 10" American flag with a rubber o-ring that keep the flags in place, (2)ONE 14" flag pole with 1/2" clamp, (3) M8 (0.3”) mounting screw & allen key.

Bikers for Trump Motorcycle Flagpole Mount and American Flag

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